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Grettie~!! I wuv you bro! Let's play again soon~!!!

I'm the best first mate there is, right?

Dad! Dad! Come back soon okay?



United States

Hi! Hi! Howdy stranger!

Ahaha~ My name's Samuel. And my owner's name is Alfred! We represent ... um... We're an English colony!
I'm a golden retriever/labrador mix in case you were wondering. But I'm still just a pup, so England is taking care of me. Maybe one day I'll be just as big and strong as he is! I'll do my best!
I like playing hide and seek and running and chewing on things and rolling around in the fields outside, did I mention running?
England doesn't like it when I'm dirty, but I can't help it! I don't know one game that's fun without getting dirty!
Let's see.. what else... uuuummm.... nope! That's pretty much it!
I'm bored of this, maybe England's Then I'll go play with my brother! Just drop me a question if you want to talk.


About Ameripup
He's a very happy-go-lucky and energetic pup that refuses to sit still for long periods of time. Very, very fond of England and he looks up to him. He hopes one day he can be just as strong (and tall) as England.
He's also a bit of a crybaby when things don't go as planned or when he's scared, often crying for England or his brother as soon as he starts tearing up.
He's obsessed with the idea of flying and wants to be the first dog to conquer the skies. (Like how England always said he conquered the seas).
He's a very sheltered pup who has never left his continent and so he's very naive to a lot of things.



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happy b-day
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Happy B-Day
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Happy Birthday~
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" hello brother"
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Ciao, little one~ Would you like to play? My pups would love a playmate.
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(( the most adorable account I have ever seen XD))
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Owlstar7 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist
Hello again. I am back for another question. Have you ever been to the French colony known as Michigan? It is very lovely in the winter time (I should know, I live in Michigan). Or does England not want you straying too far from his side?
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AskThames Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Well 'ello. *smiles, petting him* Oh, you remind me of collin...
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